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Depression Therapy Aylesbury & Depression Therapy Bicester

What is depression? 

The World Health Organisation (2010) describes depression as “a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feeling guilty or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy and poor concentration. These problems can become chronic or recurrent and lead to substantial loss in an individual’s ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities”.

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What is depression? continued

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and sense of well-being. People can often feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable and worthless. wiki. 

The symptoms can seriously affect a person’s ability to carry out basic day-to-day activities; it is more than just feeling miserable for a brief period of time – instead such feelings can last for weeks or even months. They may lose interest in activities that were once pleasurable, experience loss of appetite or overeating, have problems concentrating, remembering details or making decisions, and may contemplate, attempt or commit suicide. Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, aches, pains, digestive problems or reduced energy may also be present. 

Depressed mood is a feature of some psychiatric syndromes such as major depressive disorder, but it may also be a normal reaction to life events such as grief, a symptom of some bodily ailments or a side effect of some drugs and medical treatments.

You may feel that nothing can help, but this is untrue. No matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better. Understanding the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment is the first step to recovery. 

Speak to our counsellor today so we can help you become balanced again.

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