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Mental Health Treatment Therapy in Aylesbury and Bicester

A person struggling with his or her mental behavioural health may face stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, addiction, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or learning disabilities, mood disorders, or other psychological concerns. Therapists, life coaches, psychologists, nurse practitioners or physicians can help manage behavioural health concerns with treatments such as therapy, counseling, or medication. wiki

Certain factors may increase your risk of developing mind health problems including:

  • Stressful life situations, such as financial problems, a loved one’s death or a divorce
  • An ongoing chronic medical condition, such as diabetes
  • Brain damage, as a result of a serious injury, traumatic brain injury, such as a violent blow to the head
  • Having a blood relative, such as a parent or sibling, with a mental illness
  • Traumatic experiences, such as military combat or being assaulted
  • Use of alcohol or recreational drugs
  • Being abused or neglected as a child
  • Having few friends or few healthy relationships
  • A previous mental illness

Mental illness is common. About 1 in 5 adults has a mental illness in any given year. Mental illness can begin at any age, from childhood through to later adult years, but most begin earlier in life.

The effects of mental illness can be temporary or long lasting. You also can have more than one mental health disorder at the same time. For example, you may have depression and a substance use disorder. Mayoclinic.org

Therapy Treatment

Counsellors meet with people in need to offer comfort and support and to help them gain a better understanding of ministry and its relation to their issues. These types of counsellors deliver care based on spiritual, psychological and theological principles

We cover a range of topics and health information including what are the symptoms causes and further help treatments

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