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Ask your employer to benefit from our Employee Group Mindfulness 

We provide workshop visits in your office or work establishment. Helping employees manage stress levels through mindfulness and relaxation methods.


Some of the teachings include:

  • What is stress? and how does it affect your work?
  • How to reduce and manage your Stress?
  • Meditation exercises to help balance the mind
  • Breathing exercises to help prevent and control panic/stress attacks 
  • Body stretches and exercises to release stress related tension   
  • How to reduce and mange anxiety?
  • How to manage increased work productivity?
  • How to create a positive atmosphere and behavioural changes?
  • Information on your general health and well being



  • Sessions are once per week
  • Multiple groups per day are available
  • Any day and time of the week including the lunch period
  • Located at your work place for your convenience



  • We restore the balance and productivity back into your workplace
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety related to work 
  • Help reduce sick days related to stress 
  • Learn and participate in meditation and concentration skills 
  • We teach breathing exercises and stretches to all members
  • Help release body pains, stress and tension
  • Restore the balance back into your mind and body 


Price guide:



Total sessions


Upto 10 people

60 mins per week
4 weeks


Upto 20 people 
60 mins per week
4 weeks

Upto 50 people 

60 mins per week

4 weeks


50 - 100 people 
60 mins per week
4 weeks


We also offer individual therapy for all members of staff at discounted rates. 

Please contact us for any further information. 

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