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Add your income:

  • your student loan
  • any grants, bursaries, sponsorship or scholarships you're eligible for
  • money from your parents or guardians
  • income from a job
  • any savings you're not saving for after your course


Then take off your outgoings:

  • tuition fees
  • rent for your accommodation
  • any house bills – internet, TV licence, water, gas, electric etc
  • contents insurance
  • any travel or car costs
  • credit card or debt repayments
  • your phone bill
  • food


Then whatever’s left you can spend or save:

If you’re in the minus, then think about reducing some of your outgoings or cut back on something for a month.

  • reduce your phone bill – find a cheaper tariff
  • find a cheaper gym
  • cancel any unwanted subscriptions and memberships
  • limit how many times a week you go out
  • divide your spending money into weeks and keep within the limit


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