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Symptoms and signs indicating high levels of stress, anxiety or panic attacks

  • Thoughts racing
  • Dry mouth
  • Heart beating faster
  • Hands get cold
  • Muscles tense
  • Palms become sweaty
  • Bladder urgency
  • Breathing becomes quicker
  • Dizzy, lightheaded
  • Feeling like you`re trapped in a room
  • Feeling like you`re unable to breath
  • Feeling hopeless                                                                                   


How to overcome these symptoms and control anxiety or panic attacks

  • Speak to others about your thoughts with friends, family and professionals
  • Write your thoughts down instead of keeping them in your mind
  • Try not to rush around in an over panic mode
  • Practice yoga and meditation and breathing exercises
  • Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated
  • If you become cold wrap yourself in a warm blanket
  • Take deep slow breaths, use paper bags for breathing control
  • Sit down in open spaces; no one can harm you or come in your space
  • When lightheaded sit down and breathe slowly and drink plenty of water
  • You are not alone; there is always someone to help you and it`s OKAY to ask for help

Breathing exercises – Panic Attack

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