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We all need a good night’s sleep, sleep deficiency has a major impact on our day to day life. Here are some simple changes you can do to improve your sleep. 

Things that make sleep worse

  • Napping during the day
  • Watching television in bed
  • Bright light of electronic devices
  • Drinking alcohol before sleep
  • Eating a heavy meal less than 3 hours before bedtime
  • Staying in bed even if you can’t fall asleep
  • Drinking fizzy drinks or coffee a few hours before bedtime
  • Thinking about what I have to do or what the problems are


Things that improve your sleep

  • Take care of your body - Eat healthy
  • Physical exercise - Exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week
  • Sleep only at night time - Avoid day naps
  • Having a regular bedtime routine - Sleep on time
  • Coping with bad dreams can be difficult - Remember you are safe in your bedroom
  • Make your bedroom a pleasant place to be - Soft colours, Candles, Music
  • Relaxing - Reading a book, a hot bath or shower before bed
  • Breathing and meditation - Before you sleep

Beds are made to sleep on - If you cannot sleep then get up and do a light activity such as watch TV or read a book. When you start to feel sleepy again then go back to bed, if again you can’t fall asleep then repeat the process until you can fall asleep. Please ensure your safety at all times. 

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